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This report offers a detailed look at the home sales activity in 28609, Catawba(28609), CA. All home sales information is derived from public records provided by the county offices.
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Recent Home Sales Price Trends
Home Sales Summary
Period Total Sold Average Price Median Price
Jan - Mar 79 $272,979 $173,500
Apr - Jun 36 $298,583 $225,000
Jul - Sep 62 $367,020 $263,000
Oct - Dec 19 $285,289 $238,000
Total: 196 $308,623 $226,250
Apr - Jun 37 $201,243 $162,000
Jul - Sep 49 $205,429 $151,000
Oct - Dec 42 $252,935 $170,000
Home Sales By Property Type
Single Family Home
Multi Family
2020 2021
The first and last quarters shown may not include all the sales from that period.

This information is provided as available through public records. In cases where the county recording office does not provide specific information, properties may be classified as 'existing' and 'single family'. Where no information is available, property type will be indicated as 'other'.

Please note that total percentage may exceed 100% because decimal places are rounded up to whole numbers.
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